Eghart Family Items on Display

2016 EXHIBIT: MAY 29- SEPTEMBER 4. Visitors have always been curious about the provenance of items in the house. Whether the objects are furniture, clothing, books, china, or pictures, original Eghart family items were identified in each room.

Victorian Christmas

2015 EXHIBITS: JULY 19 – SEPTEMBER 5. Christmas in July (and beyond) at the Judge Eghart House. Celebrate quaint Victorian traditions.  From the music, to the toys, to the decorations, take a trip back in the happiest season of all!

Victorian Textiles

2015 EXHIBITS: MAY 24- JULY 12.  Whether the beauty and intricacy of hand-sewn quilts grabs your attention, or you are curious about what Victorian clothing looks like, this special display had something for everyone.  The display about textiles featured a quilt turning.

Victorian Donations

Other local families have contributed items to the house from the 1850 – 1900 period.  They include Wild Rose tea set, hand painted, along with glassware, a serving bowl and tray and textiles.  A beautiful white lawn shirt waist and camisole is on display in the bedroom, and a white lawn christening gown adorns the black […]

Where Time Stood Still

2013 SPECIAL EVENT: The Judge Eghart House hosted a book signing, July 21, for “Where Time Stood Still” booklet, written by Bruce and Carol Bamberg.  Bruce Bamberg is a descendant of the Eghart family, and referenced family letters to write the book from the point of view of each of the Eghart family members.

Technology of the Victorian Era

2013 EXHIBITS: JULY 14 – SEPTEMBER 1. The people of the Victorian era were gadget lovers and highly inventive folks. During the last half of the nineteenth century, many of our everyday tools were invented, such as the Domestic sewing machine in 1861.

Civil War Hero Edward Blake

2013 EXHIBITS: MAY 26 – JULY 7. During the sesquicentennial commemoration of the battle of Gettysburg, the Judge Eghart House celebrated one of Port Washington’s best known Civil War heroes, Edward Blake.  Photographs and memorabilia of his life were on display.  This modest and fearless young man saved his regiment’s flag during “one of the fiercest fights of […]