50:Years As A Museum

2021 EXHIBIT: May 29 – September 4. 50 Years Revisited. 2020 EXHIBIT: June 20 – September 5, Judge Eghart House 50 years as a museum. Guided tours and the history of the museum on display.

Everything Old is New Again

2019 EXHIBIT: May 25 – August 31.  Trends are certainly cyclical. Today’s younger generations, hipsters, and innovators reach back into the past for inspiration on the present. We are going to feature popular current movements, like: • Farm to table/Locavore • Facial hair fashions and • Home schooling to list a few, that were part […]

Secret Language of Fans

2018 EXHIBIT: May 26 – September 1. Both men and women understood the “language of the fan” and used it to communicate some very private sentiments while in the midst of some very public places.

Eghart Family Items on Display

2016 EXHIBIT: MAY 29- SEPTEMBER 4. Visitors have always been curious about the provenance of items in the house. Whether the objects are furniture, clothing, books, china, or pictures, original Eghart family items were identified in each room.

Victorian Christmas

2015 EXHIBITS: JULY 19 – SEPTEMBER 5. Christmas in July (and beyond) at the Judge Eghart House. Celebrate quaint Victorian traditions.  From the music, to the toys, to the decorations, take a trip back in the happiest season of all!

Victorian Textiles

2015 EXHIBITS: MAY 24- JULY 12.  Whether the beauty and intricacy of hand-sewn quilts grabs your attention, or you are curious about what Victorian clothing looks like, this special display had something for everyone.  The display about textiles featured a quilt turning.

Victorian Donations

Other local families have contributed items to the house from the 1850 – 1900 period.  They include Wild Rose tea set, hand painted, along with glassware, a serving bowl and tray and textiles.  A beautiful white lawn shirt waist and camisole is on display in the bedroom, and a white lawn christening gown adorns the black […]