Art of Elinor Thien

2023 EXHIBIT: May 27 – September 2, 2023.

We are bringing back “The Art of Elinor
Thien” that was one of our displays in 2014. Port Washington
artist Elinor Thien, whose father founded the village of
Thiensville, was a prolific artist as well as iconoclast. Her life
story is inspirational, and we are lucky to be able to share her
lovely work. She also taught generations of Port
Washingtonians, and we will display the work of some of her
students as well.

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Everything Old is New Again

2019 EXHIBIT: May 25 – August 31.  Trends are certainly cyclical. Today’s younger generations, hipsters, and innovators reach back into the past for inspiration on the present. We are going to feature popular current movements, like: • Farm to table/Locavore • Facial hair fashions and • Home schooling to list a few, that were part of the daily round during the Victorian era. Come visit and take inspiration from history compared to current day.

Secret Language of Fans

2018 EXHIBIT: May 26 – September 1. Both men and women understood the “language of the fan” and used it to communicate some very private sentiments while in the midst of some very public places.

Eghart Family Items on Display

Eghart Family Kitchen Table
Eghart Family Kitchen Table

Rocking Chair
Rocking Chair


Visitors have always been curious about the provenance of items in the house. Whether the objects are furniture, clothing, books, china, or pictures, original Eghart family items were identified in each room.

Victorian Christmas

2015 EXHIBITS: JULY 19 – SEPTEMBER 5. Christmas in July (and beyond) at the Judge Eghart House. Celebrate quaint Victorian traditions.  From the music, to the toys, to the decorations, take a trip back in the happiest season of all!

Victorian Xmas 2014 Parlor Tree Closeup
Feather Tree

Victorian Xmas 2015 Parlor Feather Tree and Gifts
Feather tree with ornaments

Victorian Christmas 2015 - 4
Orange cone.

Victorian Christmas 2015 Bedroom Stockings
Christmas stockings.

Victorian Christmas 2015 Entry Stair Decos
Green fir garland and red bows.


Victorian Xmas 2015 Middle Room Arch
Garland entry to the parlor.

Victorian Textiles

2015 EXHIBITS: MAY 24- JULY 12.  Whether the beauty and intricacy of hand-sewn quilts grabs your attention, or you are curious about what Victorian clothing looks like, this special display had something for everyone.  The display about textiles featured a quilt turning.

Textile exhibit 2015 - 19 Textile exhibit 2015 - 17 Textile exhibit 2015 - 14 Textile exhibit 2015 - 11 Textile exhibit 2015 - 6